Find a Doctor For a Fractured Ankle in Garden Grove, CA by Howard Marans MD

If you have a fractured ankle, it is important to seek treatment immediately to ensure your health and safety. At the same time, you want to be sure that you are getting treatment from an excellent physician with the skills to provide the best possible care. Below, we will look at how and where you can find the top doctor for a fractured ankle in Garden Grove, CA. 


Choosing a Doctor

As you begin the process of finding a doctor, the first step is to identify the features that are most important to you. One of the key features to look for in a doctor is great communication. Communication can make or break a physician-patient relationship – it is present in every part of the process, from your doctor reviewing your symptoms to help get an idea of possible diagnoses, to the doctor sending you home with instructions for care after your treatment.


The doctor’s level of experience is also important. More experienced doctors often have better judgment and skills. In addition to years of experience in the field, the doctor should be a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has a clean disciplinary record.


Tools for Finding a Physician

Once you know what you’re looking for in a doctor, the next step is to use the resources at your disposal to find a skilled physician in your area. Useful tools include:


- Primary care physician – Your primary care doctor is familiar with colleagues in the area, and may be able to recommend an orthopedist who other patients have had positive experiences with.

- Friends and family – If friends or family have had a broken bone before, they may be able to recommend a great orthopedist or steer you away from a poor one.

- Doctors’ websites – Many physicians run websites where you can find information such as their areas of expertise and insurance affiliations. This can help you narrow down prospective physicians based on objective measurements.

- Online reviews and testimonials – You can find reviews from past patients on a number of third-party websites, like ZocDoc. This allows you to get a large number of perspectives on the physician, resulting in a more informed decision.


Top Doctor for Fractured Ankles

The top doctor for fractured ankles in Garden Grove, CA is Dr. Howard Marans, head of OC Orthopedic. Dr. Marans has provided high-quality orthopedic treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, to California residents for decades. Dr. Marans works with each patient to develop and implement an individualized plan of care that results in the best possible outcome.


Dr. Marans would be happy to meet with you about your orthopedic health. To schedule your consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call OC Orthopedic at (714) 979-8981.