Michael Keeley Cornerstone Research Economic and Financial Consulting and Expert Testimony

Data Analytics Cornerstone Research

Data Analytics Cornerstone Research has decades of experience addressing the data management and analysis challenges brought to us by clients seeking to conduct complex internal investigations, address class certification, establish the impact of conduct, estimate damages, assess exposure, or calculate settlement payments. We have expertise leading large projects requiring data management, production, and integration, as well as matters calling for advanced modeling and statistical techniques. These capabilities meet the demands of litigation as well as regulatory and internal investigations across practices.

Michael Keeley Cornerstone Research Economic and Financial Consulting and Expert Testimony


Data Management and Security

The ability to work with large datasets is fundamental to many high-stakes matters. Cornerstone Research regularly works with datasets containing hundreds of millions of records. We have the staff expertise and the state-of-the-art, secure computing facilities to maintain, update, and manage the public and private data used for investigations and to support expert consulting and testimony. We can ensure ongoing data integrity over the potentially long time horizon of litigation and regulatory matters. We use cutting-edge information-retrieval and management tools to minimize business disruption and cost for our clients.

Maintaining the security of client information is of critical importance to us. Client data are housed internally and reside on secured servers. We use firewall protections, encrypt all traffic between our offices, and return or destroy any media containing client data.
Client Data Production

We have extensive experience with helping counsel manage the discovery process in complex litigation and investigations, including working with clients to efficiently extract information from their proprietary data in response to discovery requests by regulators and litigants. Our experience working with many prominent companies on high-profile matters has given us a deep understanding of the structures, protection, and use of highly confidential client data. Because the questions posed in these matters usually do not arise in the normal course of business, responding often requires the company to pull data from multiple platforms using customized code and to develop new documentation. Our experience allows us to reduce the cost and effort required to complete this work and to turn over accurate and responsive data. Read more…