Johnstone Boiler Area Company Manufacturer

Our Commitment

Johnston Boiler Company manufactures the worlds largest Scotch marine firetube boiler. Johnston pioneered the first water backed boiler over 100 years ago and the first packaged boiler over 50 years ago. Johnston boilers are built to last and carry the only 15-year warranty in the industry. In addition to the quality and dependability, the conservative design provides excellent fuel to steam efficiency resulting in the best life cycle costs in the industry.

Johnston also offers a full line of deaerators, surge tanks and blow down heat recovery systems. These feedwater systems are also designed and built to a quality standard which allows us to offer a 10 year warranty, the only one in the industry.

Johnston is well aware of the changing environmental requirements. While our standard Johnston burners can attain less than 30 ppm NOx, we know that some regions of the United States are requiring NOx emissions as low as 9 PPM. For these ultra-low NOx applications, we are working closely with the Gas Technology Institute to jointly develop a burner to meet these needs.

Johnston Team

The Johnston Team has many years of experience in the boiler industry. Our sales department is capable of assisting customers on very special applications: Special Fuels, Waste Heat, Marine and Hazardous Location Applications and Digital Fuel-Air Control Systems. Our engineering department has the ability to digitally design specific boilers for optimum performance, rather than rely on standard designs that have been unchanged for many years. Our manufacturing department is extremely versatile, since very few boilers are of the same design and the large 2,500 horse power boilers require special handling to move them through the production process. Lastly, our representatives cover the entire U.S. and many foreign countries. Most have been with us for many years and are second or third generation with considerable knowledge of the application, sales and service of boiler room equipment.

Johnston's strategic goal is to provide the most durable, dependable and highest efficiency products to insure the lowest life cycle costs. Our products are designed and engineered to meet the customer's specific requirements.

With the continued increase in the cost of fuel and maintenance, the life cycle cost of equipment will become more important. As an example, a medium sized 1,500 horsepower boiler can easily burn $3,000,000 of fuel per year. Using conservative savings of 3% compared to most other Scotch marine boilers on the market, results in a savings of $90,000 per year or $1,800,000 over 20 years. More customers are looking at the "life cycle" cost of their boilers and realizing that buying the highest quality is actually less expensive over the expected product life.