How to integrate social media into sales promotions tips – Bacall Associates

Social media can provide a huge amount of information about qualified leads. A well-designed campaign using a combination of promo codes can produce a lot of detailed data, that's why most social media platforms provide analytics to analyze these data for future campaigns. It's really important to properly manage the data when you have collected these leads. A modern CRM (customer relationship management) software allow your team to capture leads as well as to follow up with offers and subsequent campaigns.


Today, it's no doubt that a lot of customers choose social media to search for trusted opinions of different individuals about a certain product or service since it's easier for them to research and buy online. A well-organized social media campaign must be an important part of your business' sales promotions because most people prefer a recommendation from a friendly face than a dry impersonal search result.


A well-organized social media campaign can also be a strong and effective sales tool as it allows your business to get closer to the customer, enhance your understanding towards their interests and develop lasting relationships with them.


Acquiring social media success often involves a long process, especially in small businesses, you should flourish your profiles first and develop a genuine relationship with your business' followers in order to provide value before easing into any type of sales promotions. The following are some simple tips provided by Bacall Associates in utilizing social media into your sales promotions.