Meir Ezra: Notes from Genius Tour

Genius Tour June 14, 2013 Meir Ezra

Meir Ezra WOWed all of us.  His presentation was filled with so many golden nuggets of information, splattered with exercises of both the mind and body, as well as some pretty funny dirty jokes in his rather strong and charming Israeli accent.  When he comes to town again (he LOVES Hawaii!!), please go.  [Update:  Meir will be teaching again on August 17 and 18 at the Hyatt Place.  To sign up, go to The Genius Tour and choose Hawaii.]

Here are the notes that I took from this intense 2 day seminar.  Most of them are standalone ideas that deserve time to absorb:

What do you expect from the seminar? If you don’t know what you expect, how will you know that you arrived there? We must define what we want.

Essence of genius is simplicity. Know the definition of words.

A professional is one who thinks it is simple.

What is truth? Exact time, place, form and event. Does not contain continuation.  A Lie is the opposite time, place, form and event, and continues.

People are ethically good. We are the worst judge of ourselves, so when we do something bad, we feel bad. When we do something good, we feel good.

Must understand the mind – everything you deal with are minds.

How do you find a purpose, how do you find what your purpose is?  It is your Fuel of the soul.  What is your purpose?  Write down your purpose.  Look up the definition of purpose.

Ideas are conveyed by sentences.  Sentences are conveyed by words or symbols. If you do not understand the sentence it is because there is a word or words that you do not know in the sentence.  If you do not understand the sentences, you will not get the idea. Your IQ is defined by the number of WRONG words you know.  Increase the number of words that you do know, and you increase your IQ.

People become criminal because of the number of words that they don’t understand. A good man comes across a word or symbol that he does not understand, which causes confusion, which causes sins. Once you go past a misunderstood word without figuring out what it means, your understanding goes away. The more words you do not understand, the stupider you become. Learn definitions of words from the dictionary.

The first dictionary was written by Webster in order to empower people to understand words so they have power and cannot be cheated.

Ethics – ability of the individual to uphold the moral code.

Justice – when an individual violates the moral code, the group puts force to get the individual to be ethical.

Moral code – a set of standards, laws, or rules that we hold ourselves to, based on our own group consensus.

If you have a problem, look at all the data of the problem in order to find a solution. For a problem to be a problem, it must contain a lie.  If something becomes complex, it contains a lie. Find the lie and you will solve the problem. Simple brings the result immediately. (Task:  change IX to 6 using just one continuous line *see solution at end)

An authority is someone who knows good P.R. Look at their result, by their actions, you can judge how they are.

Insanity is not being there – being in the past when you need to be in the present.

Spirit – this thing that knows. We need to clear false data.

Love is the flow of admiration and sympathy. Love is very close to hate, flipping very fast. Love can be used to control and cage. Use love to take the person to full potential, not cage or control.

The view point that you take defines your life. If you think you can, you can. If you think you cannot, you cannot. 99% of the people do not try, are not willing to show up.

Clever = ability to recognize truth. Smallest number in the universe is 2 = force, counterforce.

Greatness is ability to continue to love man despite all invitation to do otherwise. If you can continue to love them, no sorrow or pain. Handle the spirit, not the physical.

 BREAK – after we came back, Meir had us do exercises – squat against wall, push ups for men

Prerequisite for success is to become unserious, charging toward your purpose and be sure of your success. Success is ability to experience motion, as well as the ability to control motion.

What is seriousness – when interest is intense because of penalty. Attention is stuck in the past. I better do that or else something will happen.  When you are serious, you get slow and stuck on what you do not want – one always gets what his attention is on.  You get what you validate.  Look at the problem from an unserious point of view.

Child rearing. If they are doing something bad, ignore it (non validation). Every child has a job that they have to do – it is an agreement that they help – more than just chores, it is their job and responsibility. Let your children make their own decisions in order to complete their jobs.

Competence is the ability to do what you do when you are doing it.

Any area where you are serious about you are also incompetent. The past influences your present behavior to such a degree that if you are not aware of it, you cannot control it. A being causes his own feeling. Smile when you feel lousy. Force yourself to be the cause. After an impact you make a decsion – a resolution to act in a certain way “I will never do that again” = no-no because you have taken away your free will.

Whenever we do something wrong, rather than find or make excuses of why we did that wrong deed, just be able to admit that we are wrong.

Serious people are not serious because of what is happening now, but because of what happened in the past. To combat, look at data in front of you, not what happened.  Evaluate with what is in front of you – look at everything as “interesting”.

When you are serious about something in your life, you fail.  Measure by statistics, not by feelings.

When you make a decision, you feel better. Crisis is a moment of decision. People never lose their ability, what you lose is your willingness. Easy to ignite the willingness by igniting your purpose.

The less decisive you are the more emotionally bankrupt you are.  Stress is the sum of all indecisions.