QVF Group: Forensic insolvency investigations

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An Insolvency Practitioner may identify a company that has failed to the detriment of creditors as a consequence of negligence, misconduct or fraudulent misappropriation of company assets by directors or other associated parties.

The QVF Group forensic insolvency capability brings together the expertise of our investigation team and our asset recovery team.

Forensic insolvency investigation services are required when:

  • A director or another party has contributed to the failure of a business through negligence, misconduct or misappropriation of assets.
  • Where recovery is not pursued due to a lack of funds our forensic insolvency team aim to provide a service to creditors and pursue the fraudster through the civil courts.

QVF can support Insolvency Practitioners or their appointed legal teams in the pursuit of insolvency related claims in both corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy.

Employing a staged and proportionate approach maximises the chances of recovery of assets. QVF Group has a number of expert fraud investigators with many years of experience investigating fraud and compiling detailed files of evidence for either civil or criminal proceedings.

Our Personal Credit Data Report (PCD) solution is an invaluable starting point in any investigation as it allows us legal access to financial information held on individuals.

This data can yield detailed information, invaluable for assessing an individual’s actual financial position. Our solutions can identify financial liabilities and assets – enabling our clients at a very early stage to make an informed decision on the viability of a case and the potential for asset recovery.