ARA / Fraud and Forensic Services: Judgment Enforcement

Did you know that 80% of all judgments go uncollected?

If you’ve been awarded a judgment where the principal amount of the rendered verdict is $50,000 or more, we can help! We operate on a NO-FEE contingency basis and we do not get paid until we make a judgment collection on your behalf.

Our fee schedule is a sliding scale, based on a percent of the total judgment amount.


The following information is intended to provide you with an overview of how the process works:

STEP ONE – Determination of Collectability

- We must first determine if the judgment is even collectible. A preliminary search is conducted to determine if there are any assets worth going after and to verify that the judgment debtor has not filed bankruptcy.
- If a bankruptcy is filed and the Judgment Creditor is listed on the bankruptcy, the judgment is not collectible.
- If the judgment debtor has not listed the judgment creditor on the bankruptcy, we can proceed with caution, to enforce the judgment.

STEP TWO – Judgment Agreement Contract

- Once a judgment is deemed to potentially be collectible, Asset Recovery Associates will forward to the Judgment Creditor a Judgment Agreement Contract which outlines the fee split and time frame for enforcement.

STEP THREE – Assignment of Judgment

- In order for Asset Recovery Associates to enforce a judgment on your behalf, the judgment must be legally assigned to Asset Recovery Associates and filed with the appropriate court jurisdiction. This assignment is for an agreed upon and specified timeframe which is outlined in the Judgment Agreement.

STEP FOUR – Strategy

- Each judgment enforcement case is unique. Our skilled team will formulate an enforcement strategy for each case assigned to us that maximizes the potential for recovery.

STEP FIVE – Making a Recovery Just some of the options we employ for judgment enforcement:

- The debtor can cooperate and satisfy the judgment;
- Assets located are seized and/or liquidated; or
- The debtor can offer a payment plan or settlement. Asset Recovery Associates will communicate to you the proposed terms, but we retain the right to accept or decline any offers.

STEP SIX – Collect your money

- Once proceeds from a judgment recovery are received in our office, you will receive a check for your percentage as listed in the Agreement for Assignment.

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